Excavator Resources

Excavation Safety Guide Pipeline Edition

The Excavation Safety Guide (Pipeline Edition) is intended for use by professional excavators and includes state One-Call laws, tips for safe digging near pipelines and a poster to share with employees.

Excavation Safety Checklist

Our Pre-Excavation Checklist can be used to guide safe work practices. Download, print and distribute to your work crews! 

Pipeline Safety Toolbox Talk


Looking for safety meeting topics? We've done the prep work for you! Share this pipeline safety information with your team to protect your workforce and your community. 

CGA Best Practices

The CGA Best Practices Guide is the original, and still most popular, industry resource for ensuring the safety of those who work or live near underground facilities. The Best Practices manual includes more than 130 practices that cover all phases of the 811 process, agreed to by 16 stakeholder groups.

CGA Video and Training Materials

The damage prevention industry has many moving parts. Each stakeholder plays an important role in making the 811 process work effectively. If everyone involved works to make their area of responsibility more efficient, the entire 811 system will be able to function like a well-oiled machine. These videos and materials provide important tips for excavators when using 811.


The DIRT Annual Report is based on data entered into the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) for a given year and is published in written form and as an interactive dashboard. The latest report included analysis of over 500,000 damages and near-miss events. 


Changes to Your State Laws

As states start to form various types of enforcement for their damage prevention laws, recognizing changes to these laws are becoming a little more complicated. Due to this, it is recommended that you stay involved with your state one call, review state codes, administrative codes, enforcement authority rule making decisions, state resolutions, and (of course)
“Changes to the Laws in Your State” article that is produced yearly.

49 CRF Part 196 - Protection of Underground Pipelines from Excavation Activity 

This Federal Regulation prescribes the minimum requirements that excavators must follow to protect underground pipelines from excavation-related damage. It also establishes an enforcement process for violations of these requirements.

Missouri 811 Toolbox Talks

These toolbox talks can be utilized to share important safety messages related to unground utilities with your team! Topics include avoiding crossbores, safer utility locates and more! 

Excavator Training Resources


Access FREE online training and videos from our state one call center partners!