Select Excavation Safety Checklist in the dropdown, and we’ll mail you a reusable laminated version for use with a dry erase marker to ensure digs are completed safely every time! Additional materials for excavators are also available. 



Pipeline Safety Toolbox Talk


Looking for safety meeting topics? We've done the prep work for you! Share this pipeline safety information with your team to protect your workforce and your community. 

Excavation Safety Guide Pipeline Edition

The Excavation Safety Guide (Pipeline Edition) is intended for use by professional excavators and includes state One-Call laws, tips for safe digging near pipelines and a poster to share with employees.

CGA Video and Training Materials

The damage prevention industry has many moving parts. Each stakeholder plays an important role in making the 811 process work effectively. If everyone involved works to make their area of responsibility more efficient, the entire 811 system will be able to function like a well-oiled machine. These videos and materials provide important tips for excavators when using 811.


Virginia811 Academy


Professional excavators can learn how to use the Virginia web ticket entry application in this 90-minute course.


JULIE Essentials for Excavators

This is a 90-minute online training for any professionals digging in Illinois. 



Thanks to our safe digging partners!