FAQs for Pipeline Members

How do I find and download documentation for a specific program or year?

Click on the link that says "Program Documentation" to access and download documentation. All documentation is organized by program for each calendar year.

Where do I find the bylaws and IRS forms?

Click on the "About Page" on the footer of this page. The About page contains links to the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Association Policies, and a completed w9 with payment information.  Email admin@pipelineawareness.info to request copies of IRS Form 990 documents for a previous year. 

Where do I find the Confidential Member Information Policy?

It is posted on the "About Page".  Here is a direct link to download a PDF of the policy  

How do I sign up for a program?

If you are a current member, email admin@pipelineawareness.info to sign up for a program or change your participation. If you are not a current member, please complete the "Member Registration Form".  You will be contacted for more information regarding participation in specific programs. Sign-up deadlines vary depending on the program.

I have a question about a program. Who should I contact?

Email your questions to Kesley Tweed at kesley.tweed@pipelineawareness.info or call her at 720-909-8933. 

How can I request additional copies of program materials?

You can request additional copies of program materials with the "online order form."

How do I sign up for member emails? 

Sign up for monthly member email communications using this link: "Subscribe to Pipelineawareness News"..

How do I add or remove stakeholder names from a program mailing list?

Complete the online form to add or remove names from program lists. Please remember to include your name and e-mail address in the comments section of the form.

How do I find member contact information?

Click on the "Pipeline Members" link to find contact information for pipeline members.

How do I contact a PAPA Board member?

You can contact PAPA board members by phone or email. Board member contact information is listed on the "CONTACT US" link on the footer of this page.

Where do I go to view a list of upcoming meetings & events?

Clink on the link for "News & Announcements" on the Homepage section for information about our upcoming member events.

How can I find out where to order the Emergency Response Pipeline Marker Decals?

Click here to access Rhino Markers' Emergency Response Pipeline Marker Decals web page.  Then click on REQUEST A QUOTE.

What additional actions should all new members take?

Download the "Member Checklist" for a list of the things you should do after signing up.  This document also contains ten pages of Audit Questions with commentary regarding the Association programs.

How do I send the Association a large file?

If you need to send the Association a large file, please click here.