Emergency Response Capabilities

The Emergency Response Capability Database & Reporting Tool is a free, web-based resource that was developed to provide local emergency response officials and pipeline operators with a convenient method to document and communicate the availability of emergency response resources and capabilities. Users can:

  • View capabilities by organization for an entire area of jurisdiction or company footprint
  • View capabilities by location for a specific county or selection of counties
  • Add / edit information for multiple companies or agencies under a single user
  • Print a form for a single organization

Download fillable PDF form to submit capabilities by email

Download single page fillable form

Download the Capabilities Application User Guide

Information included in this database is voluntarily submitted, reviewed and maintained by representatives from individual emergency response agencies and pipeline operators. The information provided is intended to be used to facilitate communication and emergency planning activities.  The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.  Questions regarding specific capabilities should be directed to the individual agency or pipeline operator.